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June 26, 2017
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Disciplinary & ERP


Nobody plans on finding themselves on the receiving end of a potential disciplinary suspension, but knowing what is required of you, and more importantly the assets at your disposal, will help guide you through the process.  First, let’s talk about incidents requiring action by an employee.

As stated in Article 21 of our contract, “A firefighter shall notify the chief or his designee through the chain of command within 48 hours of the firefighter’s arrest for a Class A or B misdemeanor or felony; official charge for a Class A or Class B misdemeanor, felony indictment; and the conviction, acquittal, or dismissal related thereto.

Depending on the circumstances and violations, a Preliminary Investigation, or a Formal Administrative Investigation, may be initiated.  440 encourages any member to contact one of your 440 Disciplinary Representatives in such cases.  The earlier we can get involved and make sure everything is done properly and timely the better the outcome will be.

Your disciplinary representatives are:

BFP   Craig Ladkin


16A   Cade Cornish


17C   Don Westmoreland



For most of us, reading our paycheck is, at best, a challenge.  For the rest, consider yourself fortunate.  So what steps should be taken when you think your check is wrong? 

You will need more than one paycheck to determine whether or not it is correct (you can view paychecks on the City’s intranet at It usually takes the last 3 paychecks before the one in question.  There is a lengthy video on the FWFD Intranet site that may assist you (Training: ERP Video).  This may help you figure out how to better read your check.

If you think your paycheck is incorrect, the proper channel would be to contact your “time keeper” which should be your Battalion Chief.  If there is still a concern, the BC will then, more than likely, send it to Fire Administration for further review. 

If at this point you still do not think you have been paid correctly you need to get in contact with Local 440, so we can figure your check and take the most appropriate action to make sure you are paid correctly. Michael Glynn and Ryan Zelazny are going to be the contact persons for paycheck errors. You can reach them by email at &, or by cell phone at 817-721-4425 (Michael) & 817-538-4701 (Ryan).

Uniform for Funeral Activities for Engineer Rick Turner & DPD Patrick Zamarripa

All Personnel,

                Chief Stallings attended planning meetings for the funerals on Saturday and the wake on Friday evening and he asked me to get this information out. All personnel should be prepared with Dress trousers, white long sleeve dress shirt, tie and mourning band. All personnel signed up for OT should also be prepared.  

James Barton

Due to the weather forecast, the following uniform adjustment has been made for companies participating in funeral activities for Engineer Rick Turner and DPD Patrick Zamarripa:

Personnel riding apparatus:       Black trousers, white long sleeve dress shirt, tie and mourning band.

Chief/Acting Chief Officers:        Dress uniform with hat.

Apparatus assignments may be made after staffing is established each day.  Please ensure that you have appropriate uniforms even if working overtime.

Thank you,


Landon L. Stallings

Fire Department

Deputy Chief of Operations, A-shift

817 392 6960

Overtime Reminders and Website Login Instructions

Overtime Reminders 

Constant Staffing Overtime (staffing an apparatus) and Emergency Callback Overtime will always be paid at time and one-half of your regular rate of pay.  For other types of overtime, such as training or for administrative functions, you must use J or P time for any hours taken off in a 28-day FLSA cycle to receive time and one-half of your regular rate of pay.  Otherwise the overtime will only be paid as straight time.

Member Login Instructions

Username:  first four letters of your last name and your 3- or 4-digit commission number

Password:  your 3- or 4-digit commission number

Retirees:  if the above does not work, use your last name + the 1st letter of your 1st name and your password is simply the word 'password' without the quotes.

Once logged in go to 'Edit Your Settings' or 'User Settings' and update your address, cell phone number with provider, and your personal email

*** Note: Please don't use your city email address ***

What's New at IAFF 440
2012 MDA Thank You Letter p. 1 of 2
2012 MDA Thank You Letter p. 2 of 2
Workers' Compensation Benefits

 Just a reminder that any Workers' Compensation earnings are tax-exempt.  If you have any questions contact Scott Streater via email at or by phone at 817-994-1595.

Login Instructions

Local 440 Active and Retired Members

Username = 1st 4 letters of last name + FWFD commission number (3- or 4-digit)

Password = FWFD commission number

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Login Instructions

Local 440 Active and Retired Members

Username = 1st 4 letters of last name + FWFD commission number (3- or 4-digit)

Password = FWFD commission number

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